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Dapper Dog Salon
Full Service Holistic Dog Groomer

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Why Choose
Dapper Dog Salon?

*No kennels or cages - Every dog gets my undivided attention start to finish

*No cage dryers - Every dog is hand dried

*Soothing music - dog calming music playing from Through a Dog's Ear

*Cruelty-free - only cruelty-free products used on dogs and cleaning

*Natural & Organic - only the best natural, organic, or preservative free products used

*Aromatherapy - scents used to calm nerves or uplift ederly dogs

*Patient & Gentle - positive encouragement and rewards for even the most nervous dogs

*Private & Quiet - No other people or dogs around during grooming

*Low Stress - Great for dogs with other dog aggression, senior, or nervous dogs

*Competative pricing - upfront, competative pricing on this website

*Convenient - Flexible scheduling, appointments available 7 days a week

*Live video feed to Facebook - upon request, watch your dog being groomed live on facebook


Dapper Dog Salon​

Holistic dog grooming
caring for your dog's
body & mind,
patient & gentle
so that even the most nervous dogs can learn
that grooming can be
painless & soothing​​

Offering a variety of services, comforting environment, and upfront competative pricing.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
"If you and your dog are not happy,
I am not happy"