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Full Service Holistic Dog Groomer

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Full Service Bath
Only natural, cruelty-free products used

No cage dryers, only hand drying and brushing,

A variety of shampoos, conditioners, and scents to suite your tastes and your dog's needs.

Ear cleaning, nail trim, shaving paw pads (long hair breeds), bath with customized shampoo & conditioner, blow dry, brushing, and scented spray of your choice.
Full Service Groom
Advanced grooming techniques for all breeds,

Custom cuts to suite you and your dog's lifestyle.

Full service bath items, plus a breed appropriate or custom haircut.
Mini Make Rover
Nice, quick make over to freshen up between full bath or groom visits,

Add on a Face, Feet, Fanny trim if you want.

Ear cleaning, nail trim, teeth brushing with breath spray, 15 min brushing, scented spray of your choice.
Detoxifying epsom salt paw soak reduces allergens, bacteria, & inflammation while paw balm soothes and moisturizes

Nail trim, 10 minute paw soak, relaxing brushing during soak, & moisturizing paw balm
Shed-Less Treatment
Oat protein and aloe shampoo conditions while specialized water nozzles and dryers remove even the densest loose undercoats that regular brushing cannot.
A three step process of blowing out the undercoat, a specialized shed control shampoo & conditioner, and brushing to reduce shedding by getting rid of the loose undercoat.
Extreme Odor Removal

Special odor treatment neutralizes the bad odors (even skunk spray), deodorizing shampoo & conditioner cleans while conditioning skin & coat.

A three step process to treat the odor, then deodorizing shampoo & conditioner, and blow dry to leave your dog smelling fresh and clean. 
Hot Oil Treatment

Tamanu oil with aloe vera and soy protein, revitalize skin and coat.

Tamanu oil, from the nut of a tree in the South Pacific, possess healing, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties.

Restore skin and coat moisture and shine with this luxurious treatment that will not leave any oily residue.
Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath
Dead sea minerals nourish the skin, increase blood circulation, and help carry away toxins,

Wheat germ oil, tamanu oil, and other moisturizers add shine and luster to the coat,

And it smells heavenly!

No spa day would be complete without a mud bath!
This intense conditioning treatment rehydrates the coat and detoxifies the skin.
Puppy Bath w/optional TRIM
Introduce your puppy to grooming early to teach them grooming can be low stress and fun!

Gentle, hypoallergenic, and tearless puppy shampoo

Pamper your puppy
(all breeds!)
 from 12 weeks to 6 months
with a gentle bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, shaving paw pads (long hair breeds), and optional face, feet, fanny clean up trim
Pick from other services that can be added on to any bath or groom package!

*Face, Feet, Fanny Trim - no all over haircut, just cleaning up these areas.

*Breath Refresh - brushing, anti-plaque gel, and breath spray

*Nail filing (dremel)

*Nail pawlish - a rainbow of colors available

*Dematting - removing tangled hair by hand to save the coat and avoid shaving

*Detoxifying paw soak - epsom salt paw soak reduces allergens, bacteria, & inflammation.

* Paw balm - moisturizing and protective balm for foot pads

*Healing balm - tea tree and aloe balm for hot spots or skin irritations

*Tear stain treatment - chamomile and camphor help reduce stains without stinging or irritation

*Flea shampoo - all natural ingredients to kill live adult fleas currently on your dog        --Not recommended for prevention, weight appropriate preventatives that kill all life cycles of the flea recommended.