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Dapper Dog Salon
Full Service Holistic Dog Groomer
In Lancaster, PA
Not currently taking appointments, moving to a new location! Follow Facebook page for updates.


Customer Testimonials

  1. 1
    Thank you card
    "With WOTS of GWATITUDE, Thanks from the BOTTOM of my WITTLE HEART." From Jet and his Mom
  2. 2
    Thank you card
    "The dogs look amazing! Thank you so much." From Charity at The Animal Shelter Society, Zanesville, OH
  3. 3
    Positive Feedback
    "I'm happy for you, but sorry for us!! You are the best dog groomer!! Thank you" From Susan, Dapper Dog Salon client upon hearing about relocation to PA
  4. 4
    Positive Feedback
    " I have been searching for the right fit for my dogs, after 5 different groomers and never feeling comfortable or satisfied with what's done for them, I finally stumbled upon Dapper Dog Salon and couldn't be happier! From Amy Swope-Taylor, client
  5. 5
    " I would highly recommend Dapper Dog Salon. I have recently taken my smaller dogs Daisy and Lillie to be groomed, and they for sure have found their new groomer. She was very thorough and caring and I felt very at ease leaving my babies with her." From Amy Swope-Taylor, client
  6. 6
    "We are new to the area and Michelle @ Dapper Dog Salon did a fantastic job!...Very professional and reasonable priced...She shows concern...we were very impressed and will definitely be back!" From Tamara Cole Stepien, client